Victoria Mackay

Head of Project Operations

Victoria coordinates and manages the delivery of CES' portfolio of projects.

In my role as Projects Operations Manager, I am responsible for coordinating and managing the delivery of CES’ portfolio of projects – a role which allows me to be involved in a wide range of interesting and challenging projects, which is great for someone like me who values variety in their day to day working life.

I have extensive experience in project management in the public and third sector, whether supporting and advocating for communities in areas of high fuel poverty, working directly with community organisations to develop their capacity and knowledge around renewable energy, or carrying out low carbon heat feasibility assessments.

I have a BSc in Earth Science and an MSc in Hydrogeology and maintain a keen interest in the planet, its processes, and the ways in which we impact it. Community-based action and the ability to manage and control energy locally is crucial to the growth of renewable energy and reducing our dependence on fossil fuels, and I am keen to see real progress being made to meet the very challenging heat decarbonisation targets that have been set in the coming years.

07810 855536