Ryan Thomson

Project Officer - Shetland

Ryan is part of the Net Zero Living team and his focus is establishing rural energy & transport hubs in Shetland.

As the Net Zero Living (NZL) Project Officer based in Shetland, I am working on the NZL project with the aim of establishing a series of rural energy and transport hubs in Shetland.

Originally from the island of Unst, I ’emigrated’ to the Mainland of Shetland and reside in a small hamlet in Wadbister. I was chairperson of the Environment & Transport Committee from 2017-2022 and that is where my interest and passion in our environment really took off. I have started local campaigns in the past including ‘Da Muckle Gadderie’ which took hundreds of bags of rubbish off our Shetland roads, and the ‘No Single Use Plastics – Shetland’. The latter achieved significant success by leading to local businesses and organisations commit to reducing and eventually eradicating single use plastics wherever feasible and replace them with biodegradable alternatives.

I’m passionate about making our islands a more fair and just society while encouraging ways to do so to preserve our natural environment, so I am delighted to be working for Community Energy Scotland.

When I’m not working at CES or on Council duties I will usually be on the golf course, watching sport (either on TV or preferably in person!), cooking, on the treadmill or out walking throughout Shetland.

Here in Wadbister we’re also home to 3 cats, 1 dog, 2 tortoises, umpteen fish, 8 chickens, 4 rabbits (and at the time of writing 12 kits!), and until very recently 8 quails and 4 ducks!


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