Rosie McGlynn


Rosie McGlynn is the Founder and Director of Mentone Energy Consultancy Ltd and has twenty five years’ of experience in the energy sector. Rosie worked for three of the major UK Utilities, E.ON Energy, EDF Energy and Centrica in roles in retail energy regulation, smart metering and policy design. In the early 2010’s Rosie led Energy UK’s Smart Metering Programme which involved liaising between the energy retailers and Ofgem, UK Government and European/International standards bodies. In the mid 2010’s Rosie led the development of Energy UK’s strategic engagement with the UK Government and Ofgem on the transformations needed to decarbonise the power, heat and transport sectors. In 2017 Rosie established Mentone Energy Consultancy Ltd in Edinburgh to drive forward the delivery of smart local energy system projects with a priority focus on energy democratisation. Since then, advisory services have been provided to community energy projects and a consortia established with two other Edinburgh based SMEs to develop a Cloud based local energy system control SaaS products. Outside of her professional life, Rosie loves spending time in nature especially on Scotland’s islands and supporting conservation efforts. Rosie is a member of the Scottish Wildlife Trust and the Scottish Ornithologist’s Club.