Raina Bergasse

Carbon Neutral Islands Project Officer

Raina is part of the Carbon Neutral Islands team and is working on the plans to replicate the project.

I’m working on the replicability aspect of the Carbon Neutral Islands (CNI) project, working with island communities to understand the learnings so far and the resources that are needed to help other Scottish islands embark on their decarbonisation journeys. I believe that the island led approach can help us make a significant positive impact, championing local knowledge to ensure a just transition and sustainable, low carbon futures.

I am from St. Lucia originally and have spent a lot of time outside in nature and this laid the foundation for my interest in sustainable development. Being from a small island and among those whose homes are most vulnerable to climate change, I believe in the impact that communities can have in demonstrating resilience and a path forward in addressing the climate crisis. I have worked on environmental and social justice projects with both the government and NGOs at home which has really taught me the importance of community participation and the power of grassroots organising in development projects.

I completed my undergrad in Global Development Studies at Queen’s University in Canada and did a semester abroad at University of Edinburgh. I live in Edinburgh now and have previously worked at Home Energy Scotland, working towards decarbonising homes in Scotland. I am excited to be working on the CNI project now, working more closely with communities and contributing to Scotland’s net zero targets.

Outside of work, my creative outlet is the kitchen, I love hosting dinner parties for my friends and trying out new recipes. I’m also trying to do more wild swimming in Scotland which can be hard when I’m used to a warm Caribbean sea but my favourite spot so far has been Yellowcraig Beach near Edinburgh!