Mark Hull

Technical Director

As CES' chief technical officer, Mark leads on the development of new Local Energy Economies projects in Orkney and oversees the delivery of our Orkney projects; ReFLEX, BIG HIT, Surf ‘n’ Turf, Heat Smart Orkney and SMILE.

I’ve developed my experience in community development and detailed technical knowledge partly through supporting community-focussed energy programmes over two decades, working for Community Energy Scotland for over 10 of those years. Since joining, I’ve overseen 100+ energy developments in domestic, community and commercial settings – including generation, demand reduction, and smart storage/management. By adopting a creative and innovative approach to community development, I’ve provided support for Orkney communities to lead the way in energy projects.

My previous role at Community Energy Scotland was as Technical Manager, focussing on large scale renewable energy project development and local energy system innovation to overcome grid constraints. I was privileged to have an instrumental part in the successful project management and delivery of five community owned 900kW turbines on the islands of Hoy, Rousay, Stronsay, Shapinsay and Eday.

I enjoy being at the forefront of the development of local flexibility projects in Scotland. Most recently, ReFLEX: a major new UKRI funded local flexibility project in Orkney. More widely I’ve delivered environmental, economic & technical studies, surveys and advice for projects in Orkney, Shetland and Mainland Scotland.

As part of my role as Chief Technical Officer, I oversee Community Energy Scotland and community partner involvement in a portfolio of ground-breaking community smart-energy projects pushing the boundary of how communities own and interact with their local energy systems. These include: Scottish Government funded Carbon Neutral Islands, Islands Centre for Net Zero, LECF Surf ‘n’ Turf, ACCESS, OHLEH and Heat Smart Orkney projects, two EU Horizon 2020 projects –SMILE and BIG HIT, and PITCHES, an Innovate UK project looking to transfer our learning and experience from our Scottish Community activities to other areas, such as Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our work is integral to the development of Local Energy Economies in Orkney. I sit on the Board of Orkney Renewable Energy Forum and provide operational and technical support and advice to community turbine owners through Community Power Orkney.

I have gained significant community development experience as a Charitable Trustee of Rousay, Egilsay & Wyre Development Trust and THAW, which provides practical help for households living in fuel poverty. In the past I’ve organised consultations, workshops and other stakeholder events, and provided analysis, information and advice to local authorities and regulatory bodies to assist and inform the creation of renewable planning policy and guidance.

Previous roles include senior consultant for Aquatera and Research Manager for Ewos Innovations, conducting cross-technology renewable energy resource assessments for Orkney, Shetland and the Highland regions, and marine specific assessments for the whole of the UK coastline and European waters.

If I wasn’t working in community energy I’d be a full-time gardener and mad cat-person!

07769 671582