Leanne Fischler

Community Data and Digital Officer

Leanne explores and develops the role of data as part of just and progressive community energy projects.

I explore and develop the role of data and digital systems in building fair and progressive community energy projects. As “smart” systems become an increasing focus in the energy sector, my work aims to help communities make data technologies work for them and the futures they want to build.

My role includes theoretical and applied data processes to help co-create practices for community resilience and agency in a shifting technological landscape. I develop data governance and ethics in projects working with communities, implementing the principles of data justice. Simultaneously, I carry out technical project activities such as data analysis; support data engineering; and code scripts that work with live data streams.

Examples of projects I’ve been involved in include the rollout of a home energy monitoring program to encourage understanding of local energy consumption and fuel poverty. I have also contributed to a project collecting and analysing data from heat pumps; and contributed to a multi-island-group data exchange to empower decarbonisation.

I also facilitate a regular meet-up of fuel poverty organisations in Orkney to promote local awareness and collaborative approaches to tackling fuel poverty.

I grew up on the island of Hoy, Orkney. As a result, I’ve always attributed a deep importance to supporting local communities in themselves addressing and solving the problems on their doorstep. I believe this way of working leads to the most efficient, nuanced, and resilient outcomes.

Before working at CES, I worked in the design and futures industry creating cultural works that consider the intersection of new technologies with inequality and climate change. I’ve also previously sat on the board for a community resilience charity in Dundee; run a nation-wide program of workshops for V&A Dundee and run DIY solar panel building with energy literacy workshops in London.

Fun fact about me: I worked as a spotlight operator during the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony in Glasgow 2014—despite having no experience in theatre lighting whatsoever!