Laura Finlay


Laura has over twenty years of experience working in the renewable energy sector with a focus throughout her career on offshore renewables.

Laura has a background in oceanography, primarily focussing on how engineering structures impact on a coastal and offshore system, before moving into the wave and tidal energy sectors. During that time Laura worked on a range of technology innovation projects, including offshore testing of the performance of tidal turbines, and on European industry collaboration projects which examined optimisation of wave and tidal energy arrays. Following this, Laura has been working in roles which focus on manufacturing and supply chain capabilities for offshore wind working with both offshore wind project developers and supply chain companies to support local content ambitions within Scotland.

Laura has experience working in dynamic offshore environments, seabed surveying as a scientific & professional diver and engaging closely with a range of stakeholders including national and international governments, the European Commission, industry and academia to shape and inform policy on offshore renewable energy technology innovation needs.

Today Laura works in a role which has a specific focus on supporting and growing the offshore wind manufacturing supply chain in Scotland, with an emphasis on anchor and mooring systems for floating offshore wind farms.

Laura has a lifelong commitment to sustainability and working to help mitigate the effects of climate change through emissions reduction.