Sarah Pamenter

I am part of the ReFLEX and SMILE projects where I focus on community engagement, technical analysis, and social inclusivity and equity. In ReFLEX I am part of the customer offering team in which my CES colleagues and I try to ensure the ReFLEX services developed are as socially inclusive as possible. As the project progresses I will also be helping to analyse data to measure the impact ReFLEX services have on social equity and greenhouse gas emissions in Orkney. In SMILE I help analyse and troubleshoot the performance of the heating installations in people’s properties and assess the impact such installations could have on social equity and greenhouse gas emissions in Orkney.

In my early career I was a ‘Production Technologist’ in a large industrial business. I learnt the difficulties faced when applying science and engineering to real-life problems. I also learnt the importance of communicating using simple and clear language to solve these problems. Since then I have: completed a masters in Sustainable Energy Systems, worked on the UK government ‘carbon calculator’, and researched into emissions reductions in the cement industry. I learnt about renewable electricity generation, energy economics, and energy politics. My favourite parts of these experiences were based on the social impacts of ‘sustainable energy systems’.  

I care deeply about the natural environment and social equity. I believe science and technology are on the way to giving us the technologies we need to lower global greenhouse-gas emissions. I believe more work is needed in economics and policy to ensure we increase social equity at the same time as reducing our emissions. Increasing social equity should be built into reducing greenhouse-gas emissions, and not just be an afterthought. I feel extremely lucky to work with colleagues who share these values and am proud to work for an organisation based on these values. I hope my experience with big industry, academia, not-for-profit organisations, and government will help me bring a broad view of how CES can work towards these values effectively.  

I’ve been lucky enough to travel, and in some cases live, in countries around the world. Seeing other countries’ natural beauties and different cultures made me realise how little I’ve explored of my own. I moved to Scotland 7 years ago and love getting out into its wilder Highlands and islands. I’m an enthusiastic newcomer to: twitching (bird watching), wild swimming, wild camping, gardening and fermenting (sourdough and kombucha at the moment!). I’m also a keen yogi, qualified yoga teacher, cat and dog lover (don’t ask me to choose!), and love listening/dancing about to music. 

And just in case that all sounds a little bit too grown up and wholesome… I listen to all the Harry Potter books at least once a year (Hufflepuff in case you were wondering…) and my desert island meal would be chips and mushy peas! ?

Phone no: 07917 837561

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