Liam Templeton

My role at Community Energy Scotland is as N76 Energy in Motion Project Officer, where I support communities throughout the Nith Valley region to develop low carbon community transport initiatives.

I was born and raised in Dumfries and frequently spent the summer months of my most formative years in the rural parish of Closeburn. Eager to pursue a career in the conservation sector, I studied Zoology at the University of Glasgow before pivoting towards the Environmental Humanities via a Master’s degree from the university’s rural campus at the Crichton.

This shift in focus was partly inspired by a newfound appreciation for the rich cultural heritage of land art and environmental sculpture on display throughout the region, and based on the understanding of the climate crisis as an issue that requires radical social intervention as well as novel technological innovation.

I have a wealth of experience in community development from which to draw upon, having previously been involved in projects aimed at addressing issues of social injustice, food insecurity and transport inequity both in Dumfries and further afield.  Having grown up in the region, I feel a sense of obligation to apply my skills and experience to mediate positive social change for the benefit its current denizens and future generations alike.

I am an avid film photographer and bedroom music producer. I am also a lover of independent cinema and a patron of my local film theatre. I currently lives in Dumfries with my girlfriend and our dog Mango, and can often be found rummaging the local charity shops and car boot sales in search of a good bargain.

Phone: 07810855714

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