Kathleen MacDonald

My responsibilities include overall management of Community Energy Scotland’s work in the Western Isles including work on projects such as Community Power Outer Hebrides, Outer Hebrides Local Energy Hub, Western Isles Energy and Innovation Scheme and Aspiring Communities Community Engagement programme. I also carry out consultancy work, including renewable energy feasibility studies and community engagement work. 

I found delivering the SCHRI and CARES funds, which enabled facility based community projects and larger revenue generating projects to come to fruition, very rewarding. Being part of the enormous work community energy groups in the Western Isles put in to installing over 21MW of renewable energy between them and seeing these projects installed and generating were some great moments for me. Knowing the amount of work the groups had put in to these projects and seeing them realise their dreams was a great thing to be involved in.  

This job is all about the people for me, working with and finding ways to support the people which make community energy projects is what I value most. I have always been inspired by the level of work and dedication community groups put into development projects, typically voluntary effort. Working with local community groups and agencies makes my job worthwhile! I do this job to try and help communities become more sustainable, stronger and more resilient and I enjoy helping them to explore how best to tackle the key needs within their communities.  

I love living in the Western Isles and have a great appreciation for the scenery and people of our islands. I am married and have a son called Seumas. I like cycling and gardening, but must admit I am not the biggest fan of spreadsheets! 

This is very controversial but I don’t like black pudding!


Phone no: 07825 781674

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