CES & Coalition Issues Call to Action for Scottish Government

CES & Coalition Issues Call to Action for Scottish Government

Community Energy Scotland is pleased to share our Call to Action to the Scottish Government for a Fair Energy Deal for Communities.

This paper & executive summary are the result of close partnership working between CES, Community Land Scotland, Scottish Community Alliance, Scottish Communities Finance, and Development Trust Association Scotland. 

Our Call to Action lists seven actions which the Scottish Government can take to start addressing the growing inequity between communities and the energy system. We know communities are ambitious when it comes to decarbonisation, likewise that they rightly want to make their communities sustainable and prosperous. However the energy system and the wider community benefit agenda is not working for them, and it needs urgently reviewed. Our Call to Action comes from a coalition representing hundreds of members across Scotland who feel disenfranchised by our current energy system. This paper aims to put their interests, and their voice, to the fore. 

CES and our partner organisations have drawn from the hundreds of members across the country and their experiences. The current inequity in our energy system needs to be addressed, and the monumental opportunity to empower our communities needs to be capitalised on. CES and our partner organisations issue these calls to action on behalf of our members.

We ask the Scottish Government and partners in parliament, local authorities, community groups, and other stakeholders to work together and bring forward these actions to sustain our communities in the next energy revolution.

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