Community Power Outer Hebrides

Wind / Solar / Hydro
A consortium of community groups in the Outer Hebrides set up in November 2015, led and facilitated by Community Energy Scotland. The general purposes of consortium are to provide the community groups with a closely working network, to achieve stronger representation, provide training and measure the social and economic impact of the wind turbine projects in the Outer Hebrides.

Project Information

Who We Are

Community Power Outer Hebrides comprises the following community groups which operate large revenue-generating wind turbines: 





What We Do

Community Power Outer Hebrides members’ services and benefits: 

  • Partner calls in order to share information and learn from the different projects 
  • Co-ordination and collective representation of communal/shared operational problems 
  • Transfer/peer group interaction with access to expert advice and support 
  • Representation on collective issues and lobbying in relation to policy changes or key issues which may affect the  energy projects 
  • Learning visits of particular relevance to the consortium’s energy projects 
  • Guidance on topics of particular relevance to the consortium’s energy projects 
  • Delivery of any relevant training as prioritised by the community groups each year 
  • Social & economic impact measurement support 

Each Trust pays an annual subscription to Community Energy Scotland to access the CPOH services.

For further information on Community Power Outer Hebrides please contact Rona Mackay, Head of Operations, based in Benbecula.


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