Projects & Innovations

Projects & Innovations

Community energy projects often spearhead innovation with new technology use or business models. People who have a direct interest in their local energy supply can find new ways to maximise the benefits of renewable energy.

Projects & Innovations

Finding new ways to maximise the benefits of renewable energy often means trialling emerging technologies, and making clever use of heat or power. By collaborating with Community Energy Scotland, communities, individuals and SMEs are taking a proactive role in achieving Scotland’s zero carbon goal.  The experience we can bring to your project goes beyond the nuts and bolts of how to build a windfarm. 
We can help right from inception, helping to grow your project from idea to fully functioning operation. We have a track record for delivering complex projects on tight budgets and timescales, without compromising on quality or community engagement. 

Highlighted Projects

Heat Pump Plus

Heat pumps can offer a viable alternative for many homes to transition from fossil fuel-based heating systems to a much cleaner system. There is currently

Western Isles Energy in Motion (WIEiM)

Energy in Motion is a year-long project, started in 2020,  aiming to raise awareness of sustainable transport opportunities amongst community groups across the Western Isles. Through

Surf ‘n’ Turf

Hydrogen / Wind / Wave / Tide

Pioneering the generation & practical applications of hydrogen from renewable resources.

Surf ‘n’ Turf is a renewable energy project in Orkney, led by Community Energy Scotland. It has built facilities to generate hydrogen from tidal and wind energy, then use that hydrogen to overcome grid limitations and supply energy to local demands, including shore power for the inter-island ferries.


Hydrogen / Solar / Storage / Micro-Grid

Powering Isolated Territories with Hydrogen Energy Systems.
PITCHES demonstrates at MW scale that existing hydrogen energy production and storage systems can be used to develop a new energy system to meet transport, electricity and heating needs of remote Sub-Saharan communities.

The Fishermen Three


Community Energy Scotland Trading Ltd owns a third stake in a 3-turbine, 7.5MW windfarm in the Scottish Borders. The site at Hoprigshiels is known as The Fishermen Three, named to reflect the fishing heritage of the nearby villages of Cockburnspath and Cove.

Project Portfolio


Local Grid Demand

SMart IsLand Energy systems:
The island communities of Orkney, Samsø in Denmark and Portuguese Madeira, in collaboration with technical, grid and academic partners across Europe, are tackling challenges raised by renewable energy and electric transport.


Integrated Energy Systems

REsponsive FLEXibility – an energy system of the future.

Integrated Energy Systems linking the flexible operation of electricity, transport & heat networks to provide affordable power and balance & manage the grid locally.

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