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Networking and Insights

Our values for community capacity building mean we provide networking services for members to connect with each other and link up with our partner organisations. Our Resources webpage contains insights and links to the information most asked about on the path to community energy. CES enables and facilitates collaboration, offers learning and enables peer knowledge exchange opportunities – either in person or online. Go to our Membership page to see about joining us free!

Conference and Events

The annual CES members' conference and our other online and in-person events create valuable spaces for members to come together to share expertise and link with others in the energy sector. We listen to our members about ways to connect and learn, and we aspire to host the spaces and topics as guided by you.

Enabling Members' Networks

By creating shared spaces for our members, both in-person and virtual, CES provides critical networking opportunities for relationship and capacity building. We facilitate member-led themed forums, and the CES members' private Facebook page is a discussion area for community members. We work with a number of other stakeholders to maximise the quality of our networking services for maximum benefit to our members.

Creating Peer to Peer Opportunities

Providing opportunities to learn first-hand from lived experience, we enable peer learning for the chance to see and discuss things from diverse perspectives. By gaining wider understanding from peers, potential solutions can unfold and tactical changes can be made in the effort to overcome challenges. From arranging external sponsorship for bursaries to enabling funded peer visits, these invaluable opportunities take place in person as well as member-led webinars and workshops.


We keep members up to date with important information, project updates and calls to action with our regular Members' Bulletin and focused emails. We also keep members in touch via the CES members' private Facebook page and our public social media platforms. Our website is updated regularly with news and other information, and contains e-contact forms for targeted enquiries and contact information for the CES team.