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Community Energy Scotland helps communities across Scotland to progress towards their Sustainable Energy Future by providing support at each stage of their project. 

We hold a large bank of resources which will help guide you through these stages and help you to identify areas which you will need to consider as you develop your project.  Several of these resources form part of the Community Renewable Energy Toolkit which we developed on behalf of the Scottish Government.  These resources are provided FREE to our Full Members.  You can access these resources below.  


  • Why develop a community renewable energy project?           Communities wishing to regenerate their local area need funds to do so, and therefore look for ways of generating their own income.  What better way than to use the natural resources available on your doorstep to generate a sustainable income?
     case study 1 Gigha
     case study 2 Soirbheas
  • What am I getting myself and my community into?          Larger scale renewable energy projects are complex and can take many years to come to fruition, but the benefits to the community are very significant in terms of size of income and longevity.  Community Energy Scotland is here to help your community along every step of the journey.

If you would like to discuss your project with a member of Community Energy Scotland's staff please contact us.

Our online resources can be accessed below.  we have split the journey into five Sections with links to the relevant resources for each module.


A  Starting Up

  • Initial Overview
  • Selecting the best organisational structure
  • Governance issues

Resource 1 - Overview

B  Planning Your Project

  • Initial project planning
  • What are the intended outcomes?
  • Drawing up your Business Plan
  • Consulting with your community
  • Visiting to other community projects
  • Where to access case studies/toolkit

Resource 2 - Assessment of Need

  • How to carry out a Needs Assessment 
  • How to draft your Development Plan

Resource 3 - Assessing your resource and feasibility assessment

  • Security the land
  • Managing Procurement and Contracts
  • Looking at Options/cost-effectiveness / feasibility
  • Obtaining Screening / Scoping opinion
  • Transport/access surveys
  • Grid Study
  • How to secure a Community Mandate

C  Developing Your Project

  • Join a Member support group
  • Mentoring support (PACE/SCARP/GCA)
  • Get templates (HoTs, OAs)
  • Access legal advice
  • Training events
  • Directing to funding
  • Community Energy Scotland's collective representation

Resource 4 – Project Development

  • Detailed Project Plan and Business Plan,
  • Defining project development costs
  • Charitable Status
  • Resource monitoring equipment installed

Resource 5 - Permissions

  • Obtaining Planning Consent
  • Securing Licences
  • Securing Grid Connection

Resource 6 - Project Delivery

  • Funding and finance secured
  • Geotechnical survey
  • Procurement – equipment & construction services
  • Trading Subsidiary
  • Yield analysis
  • Due diligence

Resource 7 - Construction Actions

  • Contracts
  • Commissioning
  • Energisation

D  Monitoring and Aftercare

  • Monitoring performance
  • Social accounting and reporting
  • Troubleshooting

Resource 8 - Operation

  • Maintenance

Resource 9 - Monitoring

  • Snagging & evaluation

E  Investing in your Community

  • Guidance on effective management of funds
  • Check your governance structures
  • Investing to maximise benefit
  • Creating a longterm legacy for your community

Resource 10 - Community Investment

  • Effective finance management & investment


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