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Second Stakeholder event

Dunbar Community event—27 March

SR annual conference—18 & 19 March

Edinburgh Stakeholder event—27 February

Installation of first equipment

Stakeholder event in Edinburgh—27 June

The second stakeholder event, focussed on developers and Councillors, will be held at the Scotsman Hotel on Thursday 27 June.

To ensure an invitation, please contact Andy or ARC.

Community workshop in Dunbar

Felix writes questions

A community workshop was held on 27 March in Dunbar at the Bleachingfield Centre.

Sean Watters explains arctic sea ice melt

The workshop explained the ARC project and indicated how individuals and organisations around the Dunbar area can be involved in moving towards a low carbon future, with all of the advantages that this presents.

Andy axplains during Q and A

There were presentations by Sustaining Dunbar and Scottish Power Energy Networks, with Community Energy Scotland hosting a Q&A session and discussions. There were tasty, local, low-carbon refreshments and opportunities to ask questions and discuss with people who have specific knowledge about the project.

The participants strongly endorsed the project and supported further investigations into community involvement with ARC.

Scottish Renewables Annual Conference 2014

The SR Annual Conference went well with many developers, consultants and other interested parties attending the various sessions and visiting the exhibition stands.

Conference Exhibition and Dinner, Edinburgh ICC
18th and 19th March 2014.

Euan Norris of Scottish Power Energy Networks talked about some of the developments hapening on their network, including the ARC project.

Felix Wight spoke at the Grid Conference on the second day and Alan Gooding of SGS presented at the Technology Conference.

The renewables event of the year.

Initial Stakeholder Event

The Scotsman sign

The Scotsman Hotel, Edinburgh
Thursday 27 February 2014 1030–1300

Community groups, developers and council staff came to this inaugural event to hear about the ARC project and ask questions.

Presentations were given by Euan Norris of Scottish Power Energy Networks (SPEN) and Felix Wight. A leaflet with a brief summary of the project was available for people to take away.

SPEN also conducted a brief survey that will serve as a baseline for the project so that they can see how much difference the project makes in the next two years. A report is available.

First ANM goes live at Dunbar GSP

Grid Supply Point image

ARC’s first Active Network Management (ANM) system is at Dunbar, where a Grid Supply Point (GSP) reduces the electricity voltage from 132,000 volts to 33,000 volts to go into the local power network for the rural area of North Berwick, Belhaven, Dunbar and East Linton.

The current network was designed and built to bring power from large power stations to homes and businesses along overhead lines and underground cables. However, the increase in local renewable energy schemes means power now flows both ways along a more dynamic distribution network.At Dunbar, at times of high electricity generation and low customer demand the network can become constrained. This means that to avoid overloading the network, SPEN may have to reduce the amount of electricity coming from generators.

The installation of an ANM system will help manage electricity generation and seek to allow new low carbon energy to connect in a more timely and cost-effective manner, and minimise the need for costly network reinforcement.

ANM will also be used to help communities understand how they could use electricity at times when locally-produced energy is plentiful.

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