Andrew Maybury

I’m an engineer with a combined 16 years’ experience of stand-alone power systems in Africa and energy conservation & generation in Scotland. My family and I own one of the first houses in Scotland to achieve SuperHome status with 87% carbon reductions … and we’re still working on reducing this further. A registered Community Shares Practitioner, I have a broad knowledge of community share offers. I’ve helped set up three co-operative societies in the Borders and I’m also a member of over a dozen community energy societies. 

The job of humans is to reduce entropy; to bring order out of chaos. I do that by devising and implementing solutions to problems and by developing potential where it is evident. There is so much that can be done and so many obstacles to achieving a just and positive outcome … but we battle on! 

I am married with two grown up children who are both engineers, and I try to grow some food in our wee garden.  

Can we make our home truly carbon positive or at least bring it up to PassivHaus standard?

Phone no: 07786 020528

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