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Community Energy Scotland is a registered charity that provides practical help for communities on green energy development and energy conservation.

Our History

Highlands and Islands Community Energy Company was formed in 2004 as a subsidiary of Highlands and Islands Enterprise. Building on the success of this, and in response to a growing sustainable development agenda in Scotland, the Highlands and Islands Community Energy Company evolved into an independent Scottish charity, Community Energy Scotland.

Community Energy Scotland was incorporated on 9th November 2007 as a Company Limited by Guarantee with no share capital (Company No. SC333698) and a registered Scottish Charity (No. SC039673). The organisation has spread from an initial base in the Highlands to cover the whole of Scotland, offering local development officers throughout the country. 

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is of strong, well informed and capable communities across Scotland, able to take advantage of their renewable energy resources and address their energy issues in a way that builds a more localised, democratic and sustainable energy system.

Our mission is to strengthen and empower local communities by helping them to own, control and benefit from their local renewable energy resources, control and reduce their energy costs, regenerate their communities and play their part in the low carbon transition. We aim to work in partnership with community groups and any others who share these aims and wish to build their understanding and capacity to create a more democratic energy system.


Our Strategy

Click here to see our Strategy for 2018-2021.


Our Charitable Aims

1. To advance community development and to advance environmental protection within the Operating Area, and in particular (but without limiting the generality of that aim) through:-

(A) Providing and/or assisting in the provision of support and advice for social economy organisations within the voluntary sector which are based in the Operating Area, with a view to improving their financial sustainability and maximising their contribution to society through (i) more effective approaches to the creation and development of sources of self-generated income (and particularly sources of self-generated income which fall within the renewable energy sector) and (ii) more efficient use of energy and/or the installation of renewable energy technologies;

(B) Encouraging and supporting knowledge and skills development within communities falling within the Operating Area in the field of renewable energy and wider, generic competences such as community consensus-building, project development, financial and other aspects of management, and investment;

(C) Providing, and/or assisting in the provision of, grants, loans and other forms of financial support or investment which facilitate the investigation, appraisal, development and/or implementation of projects which will represent sources of self-generated income of the nature referred to in paragraph (A) above, and/or the participation by social economy organisations based in the Operating Area in such projects;

(D) Assisting communities based in the Operating Area to develop and control distributed renewable energy generation, thereby enhancing their energy security and sustainable use of energy

(E) Generating awareness and commitment in communities based in the Operating Area for the sustainable development and use of renewable energy;

(F) Providing and/or promoting educational activities, to widen knowledge and awareness within communities based in the Operating Areas on issues of energy security and on the environmental impact of energy choices; and

(G) Empowering communities based in the Operating Area through training, networking and financial support, thereby enhancing their awareness, capacity and confidence in leading their own sustainable development.

2.To prevent and/or relieve poverty within the Operating Area, and in particular by providing advice and/or financial support to assist in resolving problems of fuel poverty through improved approaches to energy conservation and use.


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Community Energy Scotland, Highlands and Islands Social Enterprise Zone, 67A Castle Street, Inverness IV2 3DU
Registered Scottish Charity (No. SC039673), and company limited by guarantee, registered in Scotland (No. SC333698)
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