Community Energy Scotland are partners in a Scottish Government funded trial of Tower Power in Edinburgh. Tower Power is an emerging community-led alternative to standard customer and supplier relationships, where the community has control to negotiate cheaper energy for everyone and benefit from local, sustainable generation. 

The project is supported by the Scottish Government's Local Energy Challenge Fund, and following the implementation of the project for a community in Edinburgh, Tower Power aims to become a replicable model for communities seeking a local energy solution. 

How does it work?

The initial project is focused in a high density housing neighbourhood in Edinburgh called Dumbiedykes, where the majority of residents are reliant on electric heating and costly pre-payment meters. 

Dumbiedykes, Edinburgh - courtesy of Ian McConnachie

Residents who sign up to the scheme will have their old meters replaced with smart pre-payment meters which can accurately measure demand at half-hourly intervals. Tower Power will use this data to negotiate a ‘bulk’ energy contract with an energy supplier and ultimately reduce the cost of energy for its members.  Additionally, the new technology will allow Tower Power to manage load on the electricity network through demand side response and bring further financial benefits to members.  

The Dumbiedykes buildings are also suitable to install roof top solar PV, which will reduce the cost of energy for residents and generate revenue through the Government's Feed-in-Tariff scheme.

Over time, the aim is for the Dumbiedykes community to take full control of the project by forming a Board and gain the skills and experience required to service Tower Power members and sustain the project.  

Who's involved?

Funded by Scottish Government's Local Energy Challenge Fund, Tower Power is in partnership with Community Energy Scotland, Comas, The City of Edinburgh Council and Glasgow City Council. Tower Power aims to become a replicable model for communities seeking a local energy solution. 

Community Energy Scotland is keen to hear from communities and groups interested in replicating Tower Power - or if you just have a question - please get in touch with

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